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Being close to nature and continuing the work on our farm in tune with our values and together as a family is important to us.
Christiane and Jeff

The heart of our farm is our herd of Angus „mother“cows with their offspring. Angus are a meat breed of cows, originally from Scotland. We have both red and black cows – and our bull „Baron“is responsible for many black calves. The animals are bred and raised in a natural environment, and are kept on the pasture most time of the year. In the stable, they will eat hay and silage fodder produced at our land. The outstanding quality of Angus meat is well known, and the life of our animals in harmony with nature contributes to the exceptional taste.

For the last couple years, we have had several beehives, from which we receive delicious honey. A producer we are acquainted with uses our honey to manufacture his famous local Hunnegdrepp (

From spring to fall we harvest vegetables from our garden, for ourselves and for other families bringing the concept of a „Community Supported Agriculture“to the Mullerthal Region (CSA). We produce sustainably and in sync with nature.

We also produce energy with our 88 kilowatt solar panels, which provide more energy than what we can use for ourselves. A large portion of the hot water on the farm comes from solar power and our wooden heating system. The wood comes from our forest and is cut and stored by us right here on the farm.

Here on the farm we also have hens, which provide our family with eggs, adorable bunnies, cats and our beloved farm dog Maxi, every kid’s best friend.

Here you will find active, thoughtful agriculture to explore with all senses.


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