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Participate! Become a member of our Garden

The Garden: Community supported agriculture at our farm

in 2020, we offer two options to become a member of the Fromburg Farm Garden:

SELF-HARVEST at Fromburg Farm – the Classic
You subscribe to harvest your vegetables directly at Fromburg Farm in Osweiler.
You get to see the farm every week, enjoy the peaceful environment of the garden and see the Farm Animals. Kids are welcome!

PICK-UP in Echternach – As a Member  of the CSA Fromburg, you recieve your share of vegetables once a week from May till November at a Pick-up Point – Téisty in Echternach at Nonnemillen Shopping Mall. We bring the fresh vegetables from the Farm and you come to collect your fresh farm vegetables,

We ll freshly harvest the vegetables at Fromburg Farm and take it to Echternach every Friday Evening. You ll meet us there from 5 pm on, and you can pick your vegetables.

Téisty also offers a wide range of ecological and regional products. Enjoy your tea of coffee, and chat with us about the Farm week.


The Fromburg Farm Community Garden started in Spring 2017 and we grow the garden.

In the meantime,  we are able to employ a young Person during her apprenticeship to become a horticulturist.

In 2020, we aim to produce vegetables in our garden on approx. 1 hectar of land , including 650 sqm inside the greenhouses.

Our harvest season starts in April/May, with the first lettuce and herbs and ends in October/November with winter vegetables such as cabbages and potatoes. Last year, the last vegetables were harvested in January, due to the weather conditions.

Over 40 different fruits and vegetables are grown in accordance with our members. Through the use of true-to-seed varieties (mostly Bingenheimer Saatgut), our offer is fundamentally different to the hybrid plants in the supermarkets.


We plant a huge variety of all common vegetables, such as lettuce, potatoes, cabbage, beans, carrots, zucchini etc., and some plants in a greenhouse (e.g. tomatoes, chili, eggplants and peppers). Fruit, flowers, berries and a herbal garden complete the offer for the members who come to Fromburg Farm to harvest their fresh vegetables.

We don’t see our CSA as solely produce production, but instead as an integrated part of our farm.

This year, we ll offer Fresh eggs to buy for our Members from our chickens that are kept  on the pasture of Fromburg farm. Furthermore, we offer Beef from our ANGUS cattle.

The participants are welcome to bring their children and family and to experience a bit of everyday farm life.

Saturdays, members can also participate in the garden work. Anyone who wants to get their hands dirty can help with the sowing, picking, weeding, and learning.

Together with the members, we will continue to develop the garden project and try out new plant varieties, such as melons and sweet potatoes. During the year, we will offer various activities for our members!

I want to become a member

Harvest share of vegetables

350,- Euro per Adult - Children 10 Euro x Age (Free up to 5 ys)

Harvest share vegetables

750,- Euro for a basket of fresh vegetables - Pick-up in Echternach


+3 52 – 72 84 01


Fromburger Hof
L-6572 Osweiler